New (finally!) Released

Folks, there’s a new version of out. This release features a new platform (which I will blog about soon!) and some key features that everyone has been asking for profusely, namely:

Subversion imports and exports (tons, upon tons of users have asked for this)
Allowing anonymous (public repositories) checkouts
Multiuser project and task management (tons of users have asked for this)

There are some obvious bug which I will sort out in the next few days. However, under the new platform, extending and adding more features to will be a breeze (and unit tested of course)! There is a whole lineup of features coming up, and will keep everyone posted about it. These are exciting times for and we really appreciate all the support that’s been given to us.

I personally would love to see being the best agile tool out there, and we’ll get there!

If you’re a current user, give it a whirl – any feedback will be great – good and bad!

If you’re a new user – register now and see what it can do to improve your development deliveries.